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Take the elevator to the elevator

       A few days ago, the media reported that the Zhengzhou City, a building elevator overload fall to the negative layer of the accident caused public concern, how to take the elevator to ensure their own safety? In addition to overloading and other dangerous behavior may cause an accident?
       This reporter interviewed the Otis Elevator Company is responsible for the safety of engineering experts, to everyone's attention by ladder safety issues, especially people often take the ladder dangerous move made a special tips.
       Wait ladder: button not to rely on the door
       Waiting for the elevator when there is always repeatedly pressing the ascending or descending button, there are people like leaned against the door temporary rest, others will pat the doors of the elevator. Do not know repeatedly press the button will cause the elevator to stop, not only delays the time may also cause the button failure. And lean, hand push, hit, kick, breaking will affect the floor door opening or because the door mistakenly opened accidentally fall well.
       Access ladders: don't reach out into the rain don't close the door
       When the elevator door is closed, the passengers outside will use the hands, feet, sticks and other items to stop the door closed. Experts recommend that you wait for the next best or the passengers inside the elevator button to open the door to open the layer. The elevator man don't stretched, tantoutannao, but can not carry items on clearance stop ladder door closed.
       Rainy days do not dripping rain gear into the elevator, otherwise it will not only get wet the floor and water along the gap into the well may also caused by a short circuit.
       Ladder: drop coins have to inform
       In the process of the elevator, sometimes there are coins, peel and other things fall into the elevator door and the gap in the well, should immediately inform the elevator professionals to help deal with.
       During the operation of the elevator, passengers don't hand picking the elevator door, once the clawed through the door, elevator emergency brake, passengers will be trapped.
       Accident: timely alarm calm response
       Suddenly stop. If the elevator in the operation came to a sudden stop, first do not panic, should be through the elevator alarm device, the alarm button and the elevator on duty personnel contact, waiting for maintenance personnel, avoid forced opens the elevator door or attempt to climb out from the window safety.
       Trapped. Passengers such as being locked in the elevator, do not worry about the car will be broken wire rope will be broken, the general elevator has at least 4 wire rope, the elevator will not easily fall into the well road. At this time to listen to the command of the maintenance staff, with action.
       Blackout. In the operation of the elevator suddenly encountered a power outage or line failure, the elevator will automatically stop running, do not worry about the danger, should use the alarm device to inform the staff on duty.
       Abnormal sound. If you feel in the operation of the elevator suddenly shake or hear the abnormal sound, passengers do not have a chance to continue to take the ladder, after the nearest station evacuation, should immediately notify the maintenance personnel to repair. Found that the elevator door is not closed still can start, it should be immediately discontinued.
       Squat bottom. Squat is the elevator car due to the control system is completely ineffective and missed the first layer of flat layer and directly down to the bottom of the pit. If the layer is close to the pit stop, even if the switch is out of failure, the elevator will fall under the protective effect of the buffer, which will not cause heavy casualties. If the elevator suddenly from the whereabouts of the high-rise inside car goods, should help; the body is squat position, which will lead to reduce the damage to a minimum. When a child is a child, the child will hold the child in his arms.
       Fire. When a fire occurs, passengers should evacuate as soon as possible from the nearest safe floor. When the fire accident in the well or in the elevator, passengers should leave the station as soon as possible.
       Experts suggest that waiting for the elevator, do not press the button repeatedly on the door or on.

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